How to Open a Sports Clothing Store 7 Steps Determine what type of sports clothing you want to carry. You can carry clothing for teams or athletes of one or more sports, or licensed hats and jerseys and other licensed apparel from various types of sports teams intended for fans. Name your sports store, ensuring you keep any registered trademarks out of your name including those suggesting an affiliation and opening you up to being sued. For example, if you want to start a sports clothing store for NFL fans, you couldn’t name it "NFL Gear Zone," but you could name it "Football Fan Gear." Obtain an assumed name certificate (DBA) from your county or state, an employer identification number (EIN) from the IRS, and a tax identification number if you are required to collect sales tax. In some states, you may also be required to obtain a resale permit. Establish wholesale accounts with legitimate, reputable distributors of licensed sports apparel such as Big Apple Card Company or Sport Rep. If you

Living On A Cruise Ship Traveling the world, seeing all kinds of exotic places, cruising forever with not a care in the world. It is now a reality, and several possibilities exist. 1. The World of ResidenSea was launched in 2002 as a condominium style residential community contained on a 644 foot cruise ship, complete with restaurants, a spa and fitness center and other amenities similar to what
you find on
a typical mid size cruise liner. As with land based condo resorts, short term rentals of a week or more may be arranged without committing to ownership, and a wide range of ports is included on The World ongoing circumnavigation of the globe. Residensea has problems. disputes between owners of Condos on the ship and tourists. Owners want to stay in exciting ports for several days, tourists that the ship needs to get full occupancy to cover the cost of unsold suites want to move from port to port every day. Sales of actual condos on the ship have stalled due to fears of terrorism, uncertainty in financial markets and uncertainty about the future of the ship. Annual maintenance costs run at $100,000 per suite while an actual suite now costs 1.9 to 4 million dollars. This ad recently appeared on the Internet:

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Some of them say whether teachers like kids and can improve the skills of diverse students also are important, explained jack jennings, cep’s president and chief executive officer